We promote container storage in the UK.

More customers, more profit, less work.

  • Make your storage company more visible online. 
  • Give yourself a new source of customers. 
  • Reduce the amount of work you need to do to successfully run your company. 
  • Increase your revenue and profits.
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How it works

  1. Claim your company page
  2. List the space you have available and the monthly price
  3. Upload images showing off your storage site
  4. Local Storage will find you new customers.
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About us

Local Storage has over 20 years in the storage industry & 10 years scaling tech enabled businesses.

There are many independent storage companies across the UK, providing excellent storage at a fraction of the cost of expensive national chains.

Local Storage is for those companies. We're increasing their online exposure and levelling the playing field against large national chains with huge marketing budgets.

We're building world class tools for container storage companies to compete with any storage company in the world.

Why work with Local Storage?

More customers, more profit, less effort.

Using the Local Storage platform, we'll find your customers online and handle the admin. You just need to supply the space.

Increase your online presence and be found by potential customers searching for storage in your region.

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