Searching for Storage is Broken.

Local Storage is fixing it.

Problem 1: Most people don't know what size storage unit they need.
(And nobody wants to pay for space they don't need).
Local Storage: Use our easy-to-use size guide to find out what size you need.
Problem 2: Most storage companies don't list their prices online.
Finding the best price involves calling (and getting an answer) from multiple companies.
Problem 3: Most storage companies don't show what they have available online.
Often you'll call only to find out they don't have the size you need.
Local Storage: Use our Find Storage tool and we'll do the hard work of finding out prices & availability of the storage option you need.
Problem 4: Most storage companies don't have the knowledge to create smooth online experiences.
Payments are manual. You need to arrange to meet someone to sign a contract.
Local Storage: Use our seamless online experience to reserve and pay for your storage unit.

Storage should be:

- Secure
- Clean
- Dry
- Close to your home or business

And you want to pay as little as possible to get those 4 things.

This is why we built Local Storage.

Avoid expensive national chains

Large storage companies have significant staffing costs, spend a large amount on marketing and prominent city centre locations.

Those higher costs are passed onto their customers.
Most people end up going with a national chain just because it's easier than finding a local, independent alternative.

Local Storage is changing that.

Container storage is a great way of getting reliable & affordable storage

We're building the tools for container storage companies to compete with the large national chains.

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